Have you thought about returning to your Jewish roots? We live in exceptional times, and yet, if we are not in Israel, our daily life may be continuing in a fairly normal manner. We are aware of the circumstances affecting others in safety, finances and more, but we are busy with toast, carpools and mundane matters.

Something aches in us. Yet it is beyond what our individual sphere of influence seems to affect. Each Jewish person has an ability to affect our world in a cosmic way, simply by the choices you make in your daily life, how you treat people, how you conduct your business matters, and more.

If you are not observant, perhaps you are wondering how to fill the vacuum that used to be filled with family gatherings on Shabbos and during the Yomtovim. It might be you are worried what may happen to you because you are Jewish. Perhaps you are concerned about the holocaust and modern anti-Semitism, perhaps the Israeli and Palestinian situation. Perhaps you are coming to grips with your own mortality or perhaps you need a personal way to stave off negativity and stay centred.

There may be aspects of the ideology of Orthodox Judaism that you feel unable to be associated with but you are beginning to feel the need to express your spiritual side with others who may share at least some of your views.

Come and meet us and talk to us, you may be pleasantly surprised to find out just how many people in our community once felt the same way and have now filled their vacuum without compromising their other principles.