Life cycle

The 14 Ages of Man and the Stages of Life

Jewish Sages thought long and hard on this subject and their thoughts can be found in the Pirkei Avot or The Ethics of the Fathers:

At five years of age the study of Scriptures,
At ten years of age the study of Mishnah,
At thirteen subject to the commandments,
At fifteen the study of Talmud,
At eighteen marriage,
At twenty pursuit of career,
At thirty peak of achievement,
At forty wisdom,
At fifty able to give counsel,
At sixty becoming an elder,
At seventy fullness of years,
At eighty for special “strength” (Psalm 90:10),
At ninety body bent,
And at a hundred as good as already dead and gone from the affairs of this world.

Even today many of these are marked by Services and Rituals which have a spiritual significance and are an occasion for families and communities to gather together.