Re-Opening – Volunteers Needed!

Dear Members and Friends

Update on Re-opening. 

As we previously informed you, we are looking at re-opening the synagogue for services and for the other aspects of our community life.  A working group has been set up and has been meeting to plan for the re-opening and the current aim is to hold our first service in July. However, it looks like the numbers who attend in person, including children, will have to be limited to approximately 42/44 people in order to comply with Covid requirements. As as we understand that some people may not want to attend in person but are happy to get involved online, the Zoom services will be continued.

Volunteers Needed!

We are sure you can appreciate that as a growing and flourishing community, we are always looking for a range of volunteers to help with the numerous aspects involved in running a Shul, these and include the following areas:

1. Open Up Cleaning Crew Volunteers – The shul has been empty for over a year and needs a bit of a tidy up and clean before services can resume. If you can give a couple of hours that would be great. (note: Children under 16 are not allowed in building whilst cleaning crew are working) 

2. Security volunteers & Covid stewards – we are looking for some volunteers to staff the gate outside the synagogue when services are happening, and covid stewards to ensure that members attending services are aware and comply with any covid- safety measures.

3. Newsletter – we need to refresh the newsletter and would like someone, or a group of people to come together to produce a newsletter 3 times a year for our members

4. Youth Club volunteers – We have been running the youth club online over lockdown and since May we have been holding weekly sessions in the garden, The club is growing and we have around 15 young people who attend every week (and next September it’s going to get bigger) – We are looking for people to commit to at least two Sunday evenings a month to support the young people (trainings and DBS will be arranged)

5. Cheder Teachers – We will be restarting Cheder and are looking for people who would like to play a part in planning and running sessions. We are looking for people to commit to at least one Sunday morning a month to support the Cheder, and one evening to plan (trainings and DBS will be arranged) 

6. Social /Activity Planning – we would like to begin to plan some social activities such as BBQ, Quiz Nights, Afternoon Teas and a 80’s night – If you would like to get involved with this we are looking for 1 evening a month to help plan, run and organise. 

If you are interested in any of these opportunities then please contact us stating which opportunities you are interested in: It would be great if you could let us know by Friday, 2nd July.