LRS 2020 Shavuot Camp!

Shavuot – It’s not just cheesecake & ice-cream

The holiday of Shavuot which falls Thursday-Saturday this week is about the time when after fleeing Egypt and wandering through the desert the Israelites finally arrived at Sinai to receive the Ten Commandments, and make camp.

We would like the challenge our younger members to create their own camp, and recreate camping at the foot of Sinai.
No tent, no problem grab some blankets, chairs and make your own!

Take a photo and email by Friday 10a.m. and Rabbi Elf will share at the end of the Shavuot service!

Whilst you are in the den, you may wish to talk to your children about Moses, Siani and getting the ten commandment, maybe asking them what would they choose to be their Ten Commandments.

Or you could just sit in it, and eat cheesecake, ice-cream and all the other lovely treats associated with Shavuot.

Some recipe ideas